Sunday, July 8, 2018

~The 4th of July and Aaron's 5th Birthday!~

I said to Travis, "this literally has to be the fastest week of my life..." 
        Seriously. It went soooOooo fast; that is part of the reason I had to make two 
              Posts today. There was too much to record and such a little amount of time!! 

Travis had Monday as a recovery day from his night shift so we essentially got to have him home with us. So we went to to Clear Lake's Carnival and then that night we had friends over for a backyard BBQ; You know things were successful when no one leaves injured, angry, or sad! 

The 4th of July was so much better than I was hoping for. It's my favorite holiday and I had low expectations as we're not home with family doing our traditions; however, the day turned out so perfect... and the WEATHER was to DIE for! We went to a parade out in Clear Lake where we ran into some friends from church who apparently live on the parade route so they invited us into their perfect spot; it changed our whole experience. We made it home before all the traffic and took the afternoon nice and lazy before having Travis's residency over for a fun bbq/firework night. 

We had soon much fun with everyone and it's got me thinking we need to do a ton more activities before they all leave and relocate in 11 months (that's right everyone, I'm already rounding up on the month to make it feel even shorter). Everyone was so good to humor the children and play Duck Duck Goose, we put up the batting net, threw the football, and shot hoops; it's just how I'd pictured a perfect evening could be. Then to end the fun day, Susan and Glenn joined us for fireworks. And again, the weather was what dreams are made of. 

~Then there was Mr. Aaron Falco's Birthday!!! This sweet and angelic boy is 5. And I love him so much. He is conscious of his Heavenly Father and constantly asking questions about Heaven, God, and the scriptures; it makes my heart swell. And on my hard days he knows just the words to say to keep me going. My world wouldn't be complete without that little spirit. I hope he always stays this sweet! ~

For his birthday we held our traditional balloon kick where they just kick and punch around a ton of balloons. He ripped through his streamers, like a dinosaur. He loved his dino donut, dino oatmeal, and  Captain Crunch Breakfast. For lunch he had dino nuggets, complete with ketchup "blood." Maddix was gone at Susan's for the afternoon and Aaron requested to bake his cake with me so we spent a few hours being just together creating his Dino Cake; I love that that's what he wanted to do for his birthday! We made a stop at Travis's Residency Bbq where we played Badminton with the kids and then went home to finish opening Aaron's gifts... including "the ultimate gift," as it was deemed. Aaron got a new bike. Biking is his love. I won't be surprised if as a teen he becomes a mountain biker! So he loves loves loves it. 

His Birthday party was the next night and we went to the park for the kids to play, we had pizza, cake, and a Dino piƱata, and enjoyed a great night with friends. Aaron was loving being able to celebrate his birthday two days in a row! Oh, and he was so excited to put his new Dino egg in the tub with him and wait for it to hatch... it took like 40 mins for that thing to even come close, and even then I had to help it along. In the end, he became the new parent of a stegosaurus :)  

Then yesterday we decided to start the morning by going for a jog so Aaron could test his new bike out.... this was an awesome experience. I loved it. I even found the fact that the jogging stroller tires wouldn't stay pumped and that we had to stop at a friends house to have them pumped back up quite entertaining. When we returned home, everyone was in high spirits from getting some exercise, soaking in the amazing weather, and putting off cleaning... which then followed; however, this time there was far less complaining over it. Perhaps we need to bike before chores every time! And to cap off a nice morning, Susan dropped by and invited the boys to come over so I could have some quiet time (Hallelujah!). Maddix laid on a blanket under her tree and listened to Harry Potter while Aaron dumped all his new Dinosaurs into Susan's Giant dirt pile and had a great time! Meanwhile, I was able to eat lunch, do laundry, and even have a movie on in the background in the time they were gone and Addie napped. And as a bonus, Travis came home a bit early so we were able to do his movie night choice (Journey to the Center of the Earth). My favorite moment was when he was bundled with a scared Aaron on the ground. And I was on the couch with Maddix and Addie, and we were all together just cuddled in close; it was the best. 

Sorry, I know this is a second post, and there is so much to read; hopefully it all makes sense! But that was our crazy fast and fun week! It helped that Travis had two days off this week! We felt so blessed! 

"Leave me Alone" face.
I think I might see this more as she ages

Residency crew

Sweet Man

Happy Birthday Little Man

I am so blessed.
Also, Addie does actually take a bad photo sometimes

Thanks Gma Jo! 

Residential Grandparents! 

He danced with her all around the room
and then had this sweet moment with her. 

~Residency Dinner~

We started this medical journey when Maddix was 18 months old. 
We traveled 32 hours to Poland for the first time, and began our life there for a wonderful and challenging 2 years.

From here we rushed back to the States so Aaron could be born in the U.S.A and Travis and I began our next two years of living mostly apart, except for that short time he lived with us and studied 12hr days as he prepared for his board exams.
In these two years I worked and took care of the kids while he lived in Poland with out us, back with us, Louisiana, with us, and then to New York with out us before we could come be with him.

And then New York was the BEST chapter we've had together as a complete and reunited family. We kicked and screamed as the Lord forced us to go there; however, I can just picture him in Heaven going, "You guys, trust me; this is the reward for what you've been through, not another trial."
I can't express what those 14months there meant to us after living apart an in other family's homes for so long. It was the first time we really thrived as a family on our own... and being in NY was the cherry on top.

And then, our journey took another surprise when on Match day we soared high to find out we matched, were for sure we were headed to Arizona, and then that Friday when we saw we were coming to Iowa, and we couldn't imagine how that would be!

And now we're here.
At this moment.

Last week we attended Travis's Residency dinner where we said goodbye to the graduating class and and Travis and his Class became the new Senior staff.
It will be one year from that night that we close the book on these medical chapters of our life... and in a way, I can already feel the ending being written.
Travis one an award for having one of the
highest test scores

We are so glad Lisa is sticking around! 

Hey Hey Jesse! Thanks for the movie
tickets, and being so stinkin' awesome!

Benson, we love you and your family!

We're beginning to enjoy better hours, a little more stability, and I'm realized that our Residency friends aren't staying here and doing a contract like we are and we are now spending our last year with them before they continue on in their own adventures; why haven't we taken more advantage of the last two years?!

Oh that's right, everyone was working every minute all the time!
So here's to all the graduating class this year (I'm looking at you Jesse!),
and onto the graduating class of 2019 (that's us baby),
let's let the Good Times Roll~