Sunday, October 15, 2017

Regina George (Mean Girls)

You may or may not be familiar with the movie Mean Girls. 
Regina George is a ring leader of a group of mean girls. 
In a scene near the end she has a realization that she's been double crossed and she lets out this scream.... 
... this scream that she's broken, defeated, angry, insane with rage and sorrow, and in the movie it's a seriously hilarious moment. 
In our house when I had my own "Regina George" moment, it wasn't funny until afterward. 

Call it end of pregnancy blues. Blame it on Travis's straight up AWEFUL schedule this month 
(his shifts are 14-18hrs long, w/ less than 24 hrs off... and he's always groggy). 
It could be due to the fact that Mason City RAINS all the time and I'm so sick of grey clouds. 
Or the fact that my children are both at VERY challenging stages at the moment, at the same time, and I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle against two insanely cute little monsters.
Whatever you want to call it, it resulted in a complete 
Regina George moment Tuesday night. 
Maddix had me so on edge. 
Aaron pooped himself because he waited too long. 
And then, just after getting Aaron out of the tub from his mess, laying out fresh pjs,
and vacuuming the boys' rug, 
the dog happened. 
Just as I think the night is over she comes in and poops in a full circle around my boys, on their pj's/vacuum/them...
and as I go chasing her out of the room, I discover more in the hall;
I made this discovery with my foot. 
THIS is when the shiz hit the fan

I don't think my boys have EVER seen me come apart like I did.
Aaron ran to time out out of instinct.
Maddix tried offering a hug and saying, "i'm going to pray for you."
I ended up blubbering to Travis about how I was just DONE. :)
End result: Travis's hospital sent him home immediately for a 20min break 
so he could not only put the boys to bed, but me as well. 
I was asleep by 9:00, Doctor's orders. 

I just can't say enough good about Travis. 
He is the best dad to our children. 
The incredibly BEST husband to me. 
A giving neighbor, friend, and ward member. 
A fantastic physician. 
And when he's given all he has, he digs a little deeper and finds more. 
So thank you love. 
While this gloomy cloud has found a spot to linger over my head, 
I find comfort in the little holes in the cloud, with light peering through that you've provided me. 

And that's really all I have to say about this month so far. 
October is one I don't wish to remember. 
But... let's add some cute photos so we end on a happier note!

He's so into dress ups as of late

He LOVED babysitting and wanted to
Baby Jay

On the way to Minneapolis to get our
windshield redone I just loved
the fall colors

Friday Movie night snuggles

Last play of the last game of the season.
Way to go Moormon Clothiers! 

35 Weeks and huge,
as everyone likes to point out.

Sunday Snuggles

When days aren't great, you plan out your next
trip to Disneyland
(Nov '18, here we come!) 

Probably my favorite moment of the WEEK:
Aaron was in charge of his first F.H.E lesson (again, Travis helped) and
it was on sharing AND it was about the CUTEST thing;
my heart nearly burst with joy!! 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Dear Maddix,

As a baby Maddix, you eased us in by being a sweetheart, until you were about 3 months old, then we had a few very ROUGH months between a sleeping strike and projectile vomiting, but you still were the best thing that we'd ever done. 

From day one you've been on the go, always interested in learning, exploring, and being apart of anything the adults were doing. You never cared for baby toys, and the one thing you REALLY wanted was the one thing you were NOT allowed to touch, the laptop. So for your first bday we got you your own, per say. 

Did you know, by the time you were 2 you'd visited 7 countries, were living in Poland, could understand simple sentences in Polish, and would watch Disney Dvd's in German. My favorite part though, is you were the only person there for me during those long hours Dad had to be away in class or studying. It was you and Dad and I taking on Europe! 

When we returned from Europe to add a new brother, Aaron to our family. You quickly became the man of the house as Daddy returned to Europe and lived away from us for 8 months while finishing classes; you missed your Dad TERRIBLY, but you grew so much and became and excellent helper to me as I adjusted to having you and new baby brother, Aaron. 

By your 4th birthday, we were living in your 4th home, daddy was still living away, and we were preparing to once again move, this time to New York to join daddy and finally be a family again. Honestly, for as often as you've had to face change, I think you handle it incredibly well, even though I know it's rough on you. 

You have lived in Utah, Poland, New York, and Iowa. You've been to 17 states, visited several monuments, been a City-Boy who loved the subways, as well as a country-boy who loves to climb trees. Your career goals have ranged from working for the embassy and living in France with your family, to playing football for Notre Dame and becoming a judge and then someday President. You lately decided you wanted to build robotic body parts... added on also developing weapons/defense systems for the the military... and realized you basically wanted to be Tony Stark :) and go to school at Harvard. 
And now you're back to wanting to be a judge, while having graduated from Harvard; needless to say, you've always dreamed big! 

This year for your 7th birthday we began the morning with breakfast in bed (as you requested: frutopian waffles). It was such a rainy day that you spent the morning watching cartoons (which you LOVED). Since we couldn't play at the park with friends we instead drove around your bday cupcakes... one thing to remember, Maddix: Cotton candy + humidity and rain = crystalized clumps, instead of fluffy masses a top the cupcakes, ha ha; you still loved them! 
You chose McDonalds for lunch. 
In the afternoon we had "Gma Susan" come over for presents, cupcakes, and "Happy Bday's."
You played your new Mario Kart game with Dad and Aaron then had pizza for dinner. 
You reported that it was a great day:) 

Aaron bought Maddix a pack of Pokemon cards
with his own money

They were so cute... and 10mins later,
humidity hit... 

Boss Baby!

only present not featured: his massive nerf gun from Gpa Jeff
and Gma Wendy (forgot it for the picture)

You are a thinker, feeler, driven, and stubborn child. 
You are kind and compassionate. 
You have such a big heart. 
You care so much about what your Heavenly Father thinks of you. 
You have been a challenge from day one, but watching you grow and 
learn something new brings me joy that's almost unmatchable! 
We love you SO much!!!! 
~Happy Birthday Maddix Liam Johnson~

Sunday, October 1, 2017

~Dad's Week Off~

Could we just have ONE more week of vacation with Travis??
Okay fine, but we had such a fun week before life gets rough again for the next three months! 

He had an incredibly productive week. 
He had his recruitment dinner/date night, took us to Rochester for errands and our Annual Apple Day, then came home and baked our homemade pie; so good! 
He has finished off all the projects in the bathroom from his renovation he did this summer. He has taken back the yard by mowing, edging, granulating, fertilizing, and spraying for bugs! 
He has replaced all the dead lights around the house, switched the light fixtures from the kitchen to the baby's room, so Adeline now gets the chandelier (plus moved out all the boxes from her closet to the basement). 
He's taken both the boys out for one-on-one time. He's cooked, cleaned, run errands, and made gorgeous plans for our house (it's fun owning and dreaming about changes we can make). 
He went to Priesthood session and "Brats with the Bro's" last night. 
And... basically we're in denial that tomorrow has to come. 
He's truly NOT looking forward the next month of O.B.
Hang in there babe! 

My favorite part of the week is tied between our dinner date where we got all dressed up and had dinner at a fancy restaurant, and our family Apple Day. 
I exercised twice this week... that's big for me these days. 
I tried a new recipe for Conference Morning breakfast and I'm happy it turned out so well. 
Attended a Crepe Breakfast with a bunch of my girlfriends. 
At my Dr.'s Apt I didn't gain a pound from the previous apt. 
Had to go do the three hour glucose test... which is actually 4rs of sitting in a chair at the hospital and you're not allowed to get up or eat anything (on top of not eating for the 12hr fast) and getting your blood drawn 4 times... boo. 
And to end the week I picked up a stomach bug and enjoyed a 24hrs down hovering the bathroom; I'm so sad it's THAT time of the year again! Maybe I'd enjoy fall/winter more if we weren't sick ALL. THE. TIME. 

"My favorite part of the week was watching Hocus Pocus with Dad and Aaron." 
He also enjoyed having our neighbor, Susan babysit and put them to bed. 
Having his daddy pick him up from school. 
Missing school for our Apple day/ playing with the kittens at the orchard.
Playing with the cousins while in Rochester
Being in charge of our Friday Fam. Movie Night/ Game Night (BYU): Boss Baby and Game day Wings. 
Having Dad attend his football game (and he actually focused and did well).
Creating a "squirrel catching box" with Aaron. 

"My favorite part was getting to hang out with my mommy." 
He loved his date with Travis to Menards (hardware store) and then working on the bathroom.
Looking at trucks with dad. 
Loves school!
And essentially all of the things Maddix loved this week, he loved; although he loved the kitties even more!  
Recruitment dinner/32weeks

~It was so beautiful~

Finally bought a carseat... now it's getting real

Apple Day Pie!! 

~ Sunday morning~ 

Burning some energy before 3rd session

Enjoy conference! This is the first in... (3yrs?) That Travis
has been with us for all of Conference weekend!