Sunday, December 3, 2017

"I lost my tooth in Vegas"

This week the boys and Grandma had the opportunity to visit Minneapolis and go Christmas shopping at the Mall of America. While they were there, who should they find? Santa. And a film crew. Turns out Santa was there filming a commercial for Pillsbury so the boys were placed on Santa's lap and filmed chatting with him for a good 15 mins. Travis said Maddix just stole the show while Aaron became camera shy and just kept repeating everything Maddix said. 
At one point Santa asked Maddix a question: 
Santa: "And how did you lose that tooth, Maddix?" 
Maddix: "Vegas." 
Santa: Flips around, nearly whipping Aaron off his lap and gives Travis the "Wha??!!?" look.
Maddix: "Well, see I was in Vegas in the casino when my tooth fell out."
Santa: Flabbergasted, "Well you know what they say? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas;)"
Insert me laughing hysterically when they all arrived home, excited to tell me the story. 
That was definitely the highlight of an already very fun day. 
Oh and the boys made Addie an adorable bunny at the Build-a-Bear workshop and named her "Funny Bunny," as well as put a recording in saying 
"Have a bunny Day:)" 

Travis had his birthday this week and thanks to his mom she made his favorite double chocolate cake with her famous whipped frosting. She also took the boys out to pick out a present for him, and then babysat the kids so we could go out to a late dinner. We ate at the 1910 Grill, which is located in the Frank Lloyd Wright hotel in our down town. It was beautiful, elegant, and definitely fancy... hence my portion was so tiny I was still hungry after! 
Then again, I'm always hungry these days. 

We were fortunate enough to celebrate our last day with Grandma Lori here by attending the Christmas at Clear Lake event. The weather was perfect! And we caught the most gorgeous sun setting over the lake. We enjoyed the parade, but the highlight was the firework show; 
it puts most other shows I've seen to shame. We all just loved it. Addie slept through them, surprisingly. And we were able to send Grandma out with a real bang. 

I may have cried today as I watched my boys pull out of the garage with Grandma in the car, headed to the airport... I may be tearing up right now. I am so grateful, SO beyond grateful that she came out here. I will miss her presence in our home, and am now a little bit terrified for tomorrow to come. For the first time in four weeks I'll be on my own; I don't know if I can do it. 
Don't let me kid you though... I've already had five or six separate people, who knew she was leaving today, message me to see what they can do for our family this week. 
Could the Lord have spoiled us more with the wonderful people in our lives? 
I can't wait to feel better and get back on my feet so I can begin selflessly serving those around me! 

She LOVES the lights on the tree

"Mom! Come see the present under the tree!"
Me: "Umm.. which one of you did this?"
Maddix's face says it all. 

"Happy 32nd birthday love!" 

Our first full family photo didn't turn out as nice as I'd hoped, ha ha

I was loving the lighting!

 Their faces held pure joy as they watched the fireworks; meanwhile, I just watched them.

"Because brother's don't let each other wander in the dark alone."
- Jolene Perry 

We Love you Lori

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Family In Town

Isn't it about: Time. 
No really, that's what we kept asking ourselves for those two weeks in between Addie coming early and the arrival of my in-laws. Every day the boys asked, "Isn't it about time for them to be here yet??" 
It's hard to think that they've already been here a week, my father-in-law just left back home yesterday and we only have six more days with our Grandma Lori; why is it the time you want to go slow has to fly by while the time you WANT to go FAST drags on... and ON... and ON (like the time before Adeline begins to sleep through the night) (Remember last post when I said, "I don't want to get ahead of myself..." and that she was sleeping? Well now she isn't really again, other than this ONE gorgeous night that she let me sleep a 5 HOUR STRETCH! This was a big night for me:) 

This week with the Grandparents has been lots of fun. Grandma has gone to work sewing up a gorgeous pink storm of crib bedding, Christmas bags, and anything else you can think of; it's incredible how cute everything is turning out. And in the evenings she makes us delicious dinners.
The boys have loved their walks to the Goose pond with Grandpa, football in the front, games of catch, chess, and wrestling, and reading books with Grandpa at night. 

We look forward to the next six days with Grandma... and I especially am trying to collect myself mentally that in six days I have to be prepared to take back over everything: Cleaning, cooking, shopping, driving the kids around, taking care of them in general, homework, etc. Guys, I'm scared! Grandma? Can you just stay awhile more? Christmas is right around the corner! ;) 

He has enjoyed being on Ped's this month So much! We're going to miss this rotation. 
He's also enjoyed having the car to drive so he hasn't had to walk in the cold.
Loves having time to hang out with his parents. 
Took the boys out front to play ball. 
LOVES having his mom cooking again... I'm going to have to step up my game.

Same ol' Same ol': 
Little sleep
Behind on homework
Trying to spend more time with the boys
Ample baby time

Enjoyed his week out of school and having family here. 
And today for the first time ever he got to ride the bus!! It's something he's wanted to do for a long time, but I've not wanted him to. We made a deal that the boys could start riding the bus once the baby came so today as I choked back tears and worry that he was okay, Aaron and I walked over to the bus stop and waiting for our Buddy to show up. It was a surreal feeling watching him come running off the bus, but to see how much he loves it, and to hear that he rides with several of his friends made me happy for him and how much he's growing. 

Oh. My. Heavens.
My sweet angel seen the past week on vacation, which meant lots of sugar, late bedtimes, and no routine... and now we're paying for it. He is giving so much attitude that he seems like a whole new boy; fingers crossed it's just the lack of sleep and not a new stage!

I almost forgot to write about her!
She has been cooing just a little.
She had a mini photo shoot.
She is gaining weight like a champ and has a double chin.
Sleeping is still hit or miss.
Loves hanging out with her brothers.
Melts all our hearts.

Starved for attention, the both of them.

Puppet show

"We'll need audience participation please."

Grandma and Grandpa made it all of 2hrs into their
journey before being snowed in in Wyoming and
having to wait 6hrs before the roads opened
and they faced 200miles of blizzard
just to get out to us! 

Me: Are you excited Gma and Gpa are on their way?
Aaron: (No words. Just this face)

She wasn't loving tummy time so her "tummy time support team"
came to cheer her on!

 Happy Thanksgiving!
Best part: Everyone else cooked and we got the grandparents all to ourselves this year:)

All this bedding was made by my m.i.l!
The sheet, blanket, quilt, bumpers...
you name it, she made it. 

My best friend, Mackenzie Nelson commissioned
this painting for Addie's room and it's
absolutely perfect;
Everyone should own a piece of art by Mackenzie

Hanging with Grandma and learning to cook!

The boys think she's the coolest now that she knows
how to blow bubbles! 

3 1/2 weeks old