Sunday, August 20, 2017

The last of our Utah Trip!

Our Last four days in Utah
(but first, I failed to mention that last Saturday, while I was at the baby shower Travis, his dad, and the boys had their "Boys Day" instead of going camping. They did manly things like test drive jacked up trucks, played catch, and ended with some video games). Okay, now for our final days in Utah:

Sunday: We went to our cousin's in West Jordan for a mission call celebration. McKay will be serving in the Pittsburg, PA mission. Then we rushed back to East Provo to do dessert with our wonderful friends, the Blanchard's and to see their beautiful new home.

Monday: 7peaks with my brother and his friend. Picked Tayla up and went to play on the treehouse and say goodbye to Papa Ken and Nana Marilyn. Back to the house to play with Larisa's kids. Travis had a brother's night (In replacement of their hike) of video gaming while us girls sewed until 1am.

Tuesday: Went to the park with Becca and her boys (It was good to see her and meet her boys in person). We had lunch at my grandma's where the boys had SO much fun running around with cousins. We played at Scott and Sarah's where Maddix and Alex disappeared to play Pokemon cards, Aaron played with the two dogs, and baby Clair kept attacking my belly to see where the baby was:) Tuare stopped by so I could hold/meet Baby Milo (he has so much hair!). Off to dinner with my dad and Wendy at Red Robins to say goodbye, as well as celebrate her new job that I'm so excited for her to start!

Wednesday: Travis and the boys went to Larisa's to play while I bought garments that will actually fit my giant body! We met Gma Juliene and "Aunt Janelly" at rock canyon park where they played an inventive game of horseshoes using giant marshmallows in a grocery sack, as well as "mellow wars." They took us to the creamery for ice-cream and then took the boys home for more fun and games (rotten apple throwing, looked at a pirate ship treehouse, hide 'n' seek, and heard a Gma Juliene story). Meanwhile Travis hung out with Garett, and I went to get my hair done.
P.s. It was our 9 year Anniversary... Happy Anniversary love; we were both so tired, I snuggled up and fell asleep on his lap while we watched a movie. I truly enjoyed celebrating in a way that was comfortable, and something you'd only do with your best friend!

Thursday: Shop, pack, prep, pack, clean, repeat. Gpa Vaughn came home early to hang with the boys. He blind folded them and had them taste test fritters. Then they all put on flags, including Nala, and played some flag football out front :) Later Gma Donna stopped by for some goodbye loves, and just like that our last day was over.... for the boys. Once they were asleep I squeezed in one final walk with Vaughn, and then played a few rounds of Mario Kart with Garett, Gloria, and Travis before calling it a night.
Watching a movie after some bad luck with bug bites
and bee stings for Maddix

26 1/2 weeks and I FINALLY bought
proper fitting garments! 

Friday: We gave final hugs to Vaughn, Lori, and Garett and hit the road by 6am. The boys made it 4hrs before needing a movie. They never had to go to the bathroom aside from when we'd stop for gas. And we enjoyed eating and chasing squirrels in a park in Cheyenne, Wyoming. After 12hrs of driving we spent the night in Kearney, NE, thankful we were able to leave a day early and avoid the Eclipse nonsense!

Saturday: We finished out our 7hrs and made it home! Instantly we set to work on the car: washed, unloaded (w/ help from our sweet neighbor, Glenn) vacuumed, leather treated the seats, etc. to make it like we haven't been living in it the past 7 weeks! Then the Garage... we couldn't get the car in because it was covered in construction project remnants... from ..... our gorgeous new bathroom renovation!!! 

Travis did an amazing job with his project! And after I deep, deep cleaned it, I took a MUCH NEEDED bath, iced my swollen feet while snuggling my wonderful Travis, and then had the BEST night's sleep I've had in 7 1/2 weeks in my OWN bed, with TONS of pillows to prop my giant body up, and my a/c turned WAY down. It. Was. Heaven.

27 weeks yesterday:) 
Now to get the house back into shape, and enjoy our final week of summer before BOTH the boys and I start school back up!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week 7 (last full week) in Utah:

This last week was full of fun events like 7peaks with my brother, celebrating my mom's birthday, my dad's birthday (which was the first time my dad, siblings, and I have been together in 4years), visiting with people we haven't seen in quite a long time, a date night with Travis while the boys spent Friday night up at my Dad/Wendy's house, and a wonderful baby shower (hosted by my life-long friend, Mackenzie) to celebrate little Adeline Ainslee Johnson (we're 95% sure this will be here name, so I'm going to introduce that here, but that can always change:). I loved the shower! I loved all the pink. I loved being able to see people who mean so much to me before we leave again for another year; it was a highlight in our trip here! 

As our last weekend in Utah is finally/already ending I've been thinking about time. I have a very "natural man" tendency to wish for things I don't have in the moment, and then not appreciate them when I do. I counted down the days until our trip was here, too excited to come home and visit. Being here, I've had up's and down's of loving how long we've been here, and really missing home (granted, since Trav arrived I find I haven't missed it as much; I think I just missed him;). And knowing me we'll get home this weekend and then my heart will ache for Utah and all the fun times we've had this summer... it really has been busy and fun! 

In church we sang a hymn today that really resonated with me: 
" Time flies on wings of lightening; we cannot call it back. It comes then passes forward a long its onward track. And if we are not mindful, the chance will fade away, for life is quick in passing. 'Tis as a single day." 
These lines are absolutely beautiful to me, and serve as a real reminder to focus on the here an now for all it has to offer. So here is to enjoying our last 4 days on this wonderful trip!! 

Hi faces, ha ha

26 Weeks!

Love these girls! 

My lovely NY ladies! 

My silly sisters

Two hot blonds ;)

The first of our girl items! 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Utah trip Week 5 & 6: From Cali to a broken foot!

Week 5 Highlights: Spanish Fork Parade with all our friends, fireworks with my dad, and some more 7peaks.

Week 6: A drive to St. George, a night in Vegas (where we picked Travis up from the airport and spent the night there just enjoying having our daddy back!), a fun 24hrs at the beach... and then Travis broke his foot.
... So he'd taken Aaron out surfboarding when for some reason Aaron panicked and bailed off the surfboard. As Travis tried to grab Aaron, the wave washed the board back towards them, breaking Travis's foot as he shielded them from the board. He had to be "bay-watched" and the lifeguards kept calling him "brother;" I had a hard time taking them seriously. Travis was so sad as he left in the truck, and after a long visit to the E.R. the consensus was he suffered 5 breaks in his foot to his ankle, he has to follow up with a specialist, and then we'll find out if he needs surgery... boo.

But we made it back safe from our week at Carlsbad, and even made it over to our friends, The Mecham's for a bit of a Polish reunion with them and our beloved "elder Kennedy." It was so nice to see them:)

Now we have two weeks left, the plans will carry out a little differently due to Travis's injury, but we still plan to make the most of our time left here in Utah!

(This was 24 weeks) 
Library rainy day

Playing with Cousin Kody

 Dinosaur Park in St. George


skim boarding 

Mini Polish Reunion