Saturday, March 18, 2017

~Spring Break~

How come the first day of Spring Break started with 10 inches of snow????
I'm getting so jealous of seeing our friends' photos in Utah in their 70 degree weather, yesterday we were 20 degrees... better than the 16 we were the day before! 
One more day winter, one more day and then it's officially Spring, and I'd like you to leave! 
Mason City

Despite the cold Spring break we decided to throw a Moana Party, regardless. And for the day, it felt a little warmer in my house all decorated like the beach... and jam packed with lots of warm little bodies!! Everyone brought an array of themed treats and the kids all brought beach towels and pillows and had a great time watching the movie (as well as a large group of kids can focus;) 

And in other happenings: 
Travis: Drove by himself (we were supposed to come with) to Kansas to take Step 3, his last big Boards Exam before getting his license and becoming a Doctor. He stayed in a rink-dink hotel that had only one other car in the parking lot and its window was duck taped up. Meanwhile the hotels surrounding it were booked solid. Don't worry Love! One day we'll be able to spring for something a little less dingy! 
Lacey: Had a bit of a breakdown because my computer I was using for school died right during Midterms and it threw off our plans, so we ended up staying behind to purchase a new computer, and get caught up on lots of things. I threw the Moana party, which was so much fun. And Saturday I was able to go to Beauty and the Beast with my girlfriends! 
Maddix: Got to spend his hard earned money on a complex lego set that he ended up building all on his own! He taught us a wonderful f.h.e on Temples (his first time teaching, ever). Had an epic play date with a new friend from school. They enjoyed a trip to McDonalds, chasing Nala around the front yard, playing sports, legos, and gun wars before he reluctantly had to leave :) Oh, and he got sick AGAIN and threw up for the day; poor kid. 
Aaron: Received a free lego helicopter that came along with Buddy's lego set he ordered so he loves getting to play along side brother. He LOVES the Moana soundtrack and dances around the house singing, "You're Welcome!" And he also just spent the night throwing up sick. Bleh. 
"The Temple is our Goal"

Aaron loves watching Maddix do learning games
in the morning when we drop him at school

Aaron's Kid fit class

I jumped out of the shower remembering it
was garbage day. By the time I'd run
the can to the curb and come
back my hair had

Little skunk decided to have a
terrible Sunday just after Travis dropped
us off at church and left to Kansas.
So we had no car to hide or leave in.
And had to wait until our friend was
taking us home at the end of church.
Thanks Aaron for that day. 

Proud guy in the middle of building his set
he bought with his own money! 

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