Sunday, June 11, 2017

My Family Came to Town

This past week was everything we'd anticipated it to be and more. While it was fun taking my mom, brother, and littlest sister around site seeing, the part I loved most was just having them see us in our life here. I love that they got to meet our neighbors and friends, watch the boys ball games, clean the house with me, and take that two hour drive to Minneapolis to do our "big city shopping;)."
Thanks so much Mom, Colton, and B for coming to visit us; 
We miss you already!!!

Maddix had his last day at school! 
Aaron and I picked them up for the airport
Barely made it in time for the boys' ball games
Basketball night for Travis

Kindergarten Grad! 

Visited the library
Walked over Music Man Bridge
Drove around all the historic homes in town (including the Frank Lloyd wright hotel) 
Visited East Park (home to the train that delivered children from NY to Iowa during the Great Depression.... when we moved here last year Maddix said it's like how we left NY to come to Iowa and we were depressed ;)
Perkins Diner
BBQ at our friends' home, the Carters. 

Crossed the Mississippi river (kids thought that was cool) and traveled to Nauvoo
Carthage jail (my favorite)
Old Nauvoo town
Ice cream at Annie's 

Making their own rope

Farm chores

Get 'em 'lil cowboy! 

Recreation of the American Gothic painting
Visited the American Gothic House
Pella IA (a dutch town in Iowa)
Watched Music Man (our town is centered around this movie)
Pella, IA
(WW 2 Cannon from Japan)
Walked around Clear Lake
Ice-cream and cookies in the park
Went Antiquing 
Took a tour through the Winnebago factory
Maddix's baseball game

This RV cost a measly $460,000... Maddix said,
"my plan is to become rich and buy this someday."
Good plan little buddy... 

(Back to work for Trav after a 4-day weekend)
Played/Swam at Clear Lake
Toured Music Man Square
Aaron's ball game

Day in Minneapolis (Ikea and the Mall of America)
Dinner at the Cadillac Ranch
Stayed in "the fanciest hotel i've ever seen" -Maddix
Watched a movie all piled on one bed
(Travis had a cook-off YM vs. the YW for church)

His eyes lit up, the smile touched ear to ear, and he wouldn't
stop hugging Marshal once he met him; I thinkAaron's
first Bucket List item as just been checked off
(Marshal, from Paw Patrol)

Decided he did NOT like it ;)

Sadly we said our goodbyes as they hopped on the shuttle.
We then swam in the hotel pool, and played in the "hot tub" in our room.
We drove to Costco and had an amazing time just me and the boys. We split a hot dog, they ate an ice cream while I loaded down the car, and Maddix drank all the lemonade before Aaron and I got any:) 
Finished our 2 hr. drive home, did more errands, and had baseball for both the boys.
(Basketball night for Trav)

Star wars birthday for our friend where we played at the park then went to their house for ultimate nerf gun wars and playing in the sprinklers. 
Movie night pick: Trolls. 

House work
Yard work

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