Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 3: A week at my moms/Wray Reunion

Favorite things about Grandma Donna's: 
"Grandma plays with us" 
                "Her basement of toys!"
                          "How happy Nala is"
                                   "Our campfire"
                                          "Making cookies!"
                                                 "Gma's huge tub!"
This week brought lots of joy as I watched the boys progress in their swim lessons with Uncle Garett, we went to Aunt Brenna's softball game, watched Rogue one with Uncle Colton, 7peaks with our friend Tuare, went swimming in Payson, at Mercedes home, and hit the splash pads/water balloon fights with the Chattertons.

I went on an outing once the boys were in bed one night with a few of my friends, as well as enjoyed several mornings where the boys just played away in the basement so I actually got to sit and read a physical book! Not just listen to an audio recording.

Aaron did have a speed bump moment in our week of easy fun. 
Durning our Family fun Night, we went to the park across from my mom's. 
While there Aaron ended up falling 7ft from the top platform, hitting his head a few times on the medal ladder until he reached the ground. 
With instant bruising on his ribs and 2 giant hematoma's on the back of his head, I called Travis and we then took him to the instacare in Springville... where they just sent us to the Utah Valley ER.
Seriously, by the time we left the instacare I was regretting the whole thing; he was singing, laughing, chatting, and just fine. 
Gratefully, there was almost no wait, and we quickly left with simple instructions to keep him iced and awake another hour, so we decided to move forward with our campfire/smores activity.

And to end the week we drove to Torrey, Utah (near capital reef) for a reunion. 
Highlights, according to the boys: 
- sleeping in a camper!
- Hiking in Capital Reef
- The rope swing over the canal
- Playing football/baseball with the teenagers
- Playing in the intense rain
- Holding baby Lydia
- Feeding the chickens, especially the one with the "escape plan"
- Endless space to run around and explore, without an adult

My Highlights:
- Teenage cousins who entertained the boys every minute we were there
- Other adults who cooked and cleaned
- The cold mountain breeze and therapeutic mattress that made sleeping a dream!
- Absolute silence and stars that webbed the sky
- Enjoying the thunderstorm from the covered front porch
- Playing Redneck Life (hilarious)
- Not being the slowest on the hike;)
- *The best* Sitting on the covered porch, reading an actual paper book with a view that couldn't be beat. 

Riding in U. Garett's jeep
"This is the BEST!!!"

Quiet time shenanigans 

Napa's walk w/ Ruby

Late night campout after our trip to the E.R.

22 Weeks

Hearing a G.G. Juliene story
"sassy susan"

Lala stayed the weekend with Tayla

Morning ghost in the window,
in search of wild animals:)

Wray Reunion Hike

 View while reading my book!!!

surprise afternoon thunderstorm

Baby Lydia, my first cousin,
once removed

Feeding the chickens 
Until Next time Torrey;
perhaps next time it won't take another 3 yrs to come visit

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