Sunday, August 6, 2017

Utah trip Week 5 & 6: From Cali to a broken foot!

Week 5 Highlights: Spanish Fork Parade with all our friends, fireworks with my dad, and some more 7peaks.

Week 6: A drive to St. George, a night in Vegas (where we picked Travis up from the airport and spent the night there just enjoying having our daddy back!), a fun 24hrs at the beach... and then Travis broke his foot.
... So he'd taken Aaron out surfboarding when for some reason Aaron panicked and bailed off the surfboard. As Travis tried to grab Aaron, the wave washed the board back towards them, breaking Travis's foot as he shielded them from the board. He had to be "bay-watched" and the lifeguards kept calling him "brother;" I had a hard time taking them seriously. Travis was so sad as he left in the truck, and after a long visit to the E.R. the consensus was he suffered 5 breaks in his foot to his ankle, he has to follow up with a specialist, and then we'll find out if he needs surgery... boo.

But we made it back safe from our week at Carlsbad, and even made it over to our friends, The Mecham's for a bit of a Polish reunion with them and our beloved "elder Kennedy." It was so nice to see them:)

Now we have two weeks left, the plans will carry out a little differently due to Travis's injury, but we still plan to make the most of our time left here in Utah!

(This was 24 weeks) 
Library rainy day

Playing with Cousin Kody

 Dinosaur Park in St. George


skim boarding 

Mini Polish Reunion

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